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Professional music recording studio in Atlanta ranked first in customer satisfaction.

What Groove Tunes Studios Offers

We offer quality, well-produced, professionally-engineered, "radio-ready" recordings, at a fraction the cost of big-label studios.

  • Quality, organic*-sounding recordings 
  • Professional service throughout the entire process
  • Constantly striving to deliver the results that you want
  • Located in beautiful North Fulton County on a quiet, semi-wooded, suburban lot in a safe part of town; on-site 24/7 video surveillance
  • Close to restaurants, hotels, and banks
  • Creatively-conducive surroundings - Studio is private, not a hang-out; sessions are closed to public, for booked clients only and is always clean and inviting
  • Service is highly personalized, specialized, good-natured, fun, and professional
  • Session activities are planned before the client arrives to facilitate time management
  • Studio is climate-controlled, comfortable, with a musically inspiring environment
  • Room acoustics are superior
  • The equipment is a combination of the latest technology and vintage high-end gear
  • We offer highly competitive rates and scheduling flexibility
  • We can provide musicians, writers, and producers as well as engineering for projects
  • Musician referrals and assistance with finding other potential band members
  • We will deliver the same degree of professionalism to small and large projects
  • Studio can be a valuable resource for corporate clients by maintaining budgets, schedules, and written documentation
  • All individuals working on your project will be top professionals in their field, talented and dependable

* By "organic" we mean that most tracks are created in the studio by miking real instruments, being played live by real musicians, thus creating the soundtracks "organically", rather than by electronically sampling existing sounds that were created by others, and then duplicating and manipulating them with computer software.  This same principle applies to vocals -- they sound like a talented, real person sang them, not a robot.  This does not mean that we can't or don't use some studio "tricks" -- we can, and sometimes we do.  We know which ones to use and how to use them so that your tracks sound "organic", or real.

Other Services

  • Music coaching
  • Writers (music and/or lyrics) for special projects
  • Studio musicians of all types
  • Assist with Arranging and Production
  • Assist with consultation on CD packaging and duplication options
 We pay close attention to every aspect of your recording, every single detail, at every step along the way.

We pay close attention to every aspect of your recording, every single detail, at every step along the way.

Groove Tunes has 51 Five-Star reviews on as of November 2018, as well as the most positive reviews of any single-location studio every year 2005-2017. Our #1 purpose is to help our client musicians sound their very best and to make sure their studio experiences are second to none.

Groove Tunes serves recording studio clients in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Norcross, Duluth, and other cities within the greater Atlanta area. Hours by appointment only: Weekdays 10 - 9, Weekends 12 - 6.

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