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Listen to the original "Scratch" track of audio for the songs below and then to the final production (Master) version for a before/after comparison. All tracks were recorded, mixed and produced at Groove Tunes Studios.

IF WE'RE LUCKY by Dave Craver - Based on the scratch track, Dave Craver asked Eric Tunison of Groove Tunes Studio to write a chord progession and arrangement reminiscent of Frank Sinatra. 

PLAY ME SOME DRINKING MUSIC by Mike Staton - The title is deceptive as this is actually an anti-drinking song, written and sung by Mike Staton, and inspired by drunken patrons at live gigs. Mike, a resident of Florida, was working on a job in Atlanta for a few months. While he was in town he came to Groove Tunes to lay down the acoustic guitar and lead vocal tracks for eight original songs. Once that was completed Mike returned to Florida and asked Groove Tunes to arrange and produce the final versions of all songs, using studio musicians. This is one of them, off his album “Squid Lips Gumbo”.

I KNOW WHAT YOUR GOAL IS by Madi Parks - Thirteen-year-old Madi was just getting her feet wet as a songwriter and the transformation from her scratch track to the final mix was dramatic, to say the least.

AS LONG AS SHE NEEDS ME by Darrel McGhee - Darrel has been singing semi-professionally all his life. For his first studio album project he brought along his long-time pianist to accompany him. Groove Tunes provided the orchestration, adding synth strings and horns.

HEART BEAT by Mike Pierro - Mike is a rather prolific songwriter and guitarist.  He needed the studio to fill out his arrangements with drums, bass, B3 synth, and tenor sax, adding boatloads of energy to the song.

MARY AT THE TOMB by Peter Elizalde; Brittany Shewbridge (vocalist) - This song demonstrates how effective bringing in a guest vocal artist such as Brittany can be a wonderful addition to a song.

OPEN THE DOOR by Victor Paul - Vic played scratch guitar and sang vocals on an album full of songs, then left the rest up to Groove Tunes to arrange and produce. He was blown away when he heard the review mixes!

HEY THERE BABE by Victor Paul - Another song by Vic where Groove Tunes took complete charge of the production.

AHA by Deborah Lanham - This song had an extremely tight deadline as Deborah needed a theme song for a women’s Christian conference right away. We tracked all the parts in one long session and mixed it the next day.

STYLISH PARTY by Dave Craver - Groove Tunes recorded Dave playing acoustic guitar and singing vocals, and then completely produced the arrangement to completion. There are some “Easter eggs” happening during the second verse, see if you can make them out.

KISSING AND HUGGING WITH FRED by Dave Craver - This is a remake of the original 1959 hit which featured Dave’s mother as one of “The Pearls” backup vocals. Groove Tunes arranged and produced the updated version.

GOOD OLE DAYS by Chris Kelly - Chris was brought up in the theater and has written poetry and sung all his life. This song he wrote for his grandma, so we were sure to make it sweet. She loved it!

THESE DAYS ARE GONE by Paul Kopekin - Paul has been writing music since he was a teen.  This one he made popular playing at local open mic nights. Groove Tunes brought in some of the open mic talent to play on this one as well.

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