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"Best Value in Atlanta"

"Eric is as good as it gets! This was my first professional recording I've done and I cant speak highly enough of my experience at Groove Tunes. Eric took time and walked me through every step of the way and delivered a great product. He is very knowledgeable and is truly a master of his craft. With his help my project came out ahead of schedule and under the amount I was quoted. I wont lie, this studio isn't the cheapest (its fairly priced), but this studio is by FAR the best value you can get in the price range. My friends and family can't believe the quality and I am beyond satisfied with how my project came out. If you're more of a singer/songwriter or Rock 'n Roll act (this is not a rap/R&B studio) do yourself a favor and check Groove Tunes out."

Aaron Gibson
Singer/Songwriter & The Voice Contestant

"Eric is the best, hands down!"

"I went to Groove Tunes after a very disappointing experience with a Nashville studio. I had written a pretty intricate song which called for a LOT of vocals and orchestral instruments, and the studio I had hired up there really botched it. After Eric heard my story, he assured me that I had come to the right place. He said that Groove Tunes was way better than the recording studios up in Nashville (it is) and that his studio musicians were all top-shelf (they are). He also told me that not only was I welcome to attend the recording sessions, he actually WANTED me to be there (vs. Nashville didn't want me there at all). I'm a very picky person (as Eric soon found out), but luckily, he's extremely patient and we worked together very well. In short order, my song started to take shape the way I was hearing it in my head, and I was thrilled! As promised, Eric brought in some fabulous musicians; I enjoyed meeting them and it was a lot of fun to be involved in the recording process. I couldn't be happier with Groove Tunes: Eric delivered to me a very professional, mastered, and radio-ready finished product, and I heartily recommend Groove Tunes to anyone who is looking for a recording studio. Don't hesitate to give Eric a call -- you won't be sorry!"

Karen Habeggar

"I am the Gregman, Coo Coo Ca Choo!"

"I had the honor and privilege to go meet with a friend yesterday to rehearse some beloved songs with a fellow Beatle fanatic. Music has been such a big part of my life. The love of the Beatles, their music, their talent, impact, coolness, etc., etc, (you could rave forever), have been with me from day one. It is fair to say that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star were my vocal coaches in life. Though I can't claim to their level of greatness, I always aspired to it and never ceased to appreciate it, or them, as the years rolled by. My Friend Eric Tunison shares this sentiment times 10!

Eric is a record producer and accomplished guitarist. His knowledge of music, and talent, is immense. He is also a Beatles expert. When he asked me over to his studio, I did not know what to expect. I knew he ran in a circle of multi talented individuals, many of which I have met through him, and the open mics at Abbotts Bar and Grille, sponsored by Groove Tunes Studios ( I figured it would be nice, but was not ready for what I walked into. I am not ass kissing. This is like admiring an awesome car, motorcycle, gun, guitar, or building. Giving props!

I am, admittedly, not a professional musician, so my exposure to recording studios is somewhat is limited, but I have some degree of talent and have been to a few. I also have an eye for beauty and an ear for music. I have seen photos and videos of pro studios. I have been involved in music my whole life. I can honestly say, I was blown away when I walked in Groove Tunes Studios. This is a first class business, elegantly established and decorated, with state of the art sound equipment. The play back room (not pictured) looks like something out of star wars. The environment is both professional and relaxing. I have never seen anything like it and did not even know what I was looking at half the time. The photos don't come close to doing the place justice. It was both posh and elegant. The equipment was futuristic. I felt like I was at Apple, Capricorn, Capital, or some other famous company. I felt special just being there and felt kind of rock starrish. Haha!!. I felt like a Beatle or Rolling Stone! It was truly an inspirational event. The experience was awesome, so is Eric!!!! 

I could not recommend Eric or his studio highly enough. If you want to invest into professional recording, I think you could get more bang for your buck at Groove Tunes Studios than anywhere in town. I encourage all my music peeps to give it a look! If you ever want to meet Eric, he is up at Abbotts on Wednesday nights. He is very approachable and easy to talk to. Very cool man!!! I'm still Day Trippin on yesterday.

I am the Gregman, Coo Coo Ca Choo!"

Greg Sandusky

"Thank you Eric Tunison!

"Thank you Eric Tunison for your dedicated hard work and meticulous engineering on the title track Shape This Love and single I Miss You!!! With your help Shape This Love won for best country ballad album! Can't wait to see what we can do together next!"

Kristen Hope Justice

"Great choice!"

"Couldn't have been happier with the finished product. Not only were the recordings fantastic, the overall experience was a blast! Loved getting to work with Eric... I'll definitely be coming back!"

Amanda Rockenbach


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