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Published on: 03/01/07

The company:

Groove Tunes Studios

What's inside:

Be prepared to get blown away once the doors are opened to Alpharetta-based Groove Tunes Studios, complete with theater, lounge, control room and recording studio. It's big sound plus big comfort.  Inside the lounge area, two sofas are placed parallel to one another, with one elevated slightly higher than the next, allowing recording artists the opportunity to watch a movie or catch a television show on the 106-inch screen. The audio is very distinguishable thanks to two 54-inch speakers. "Musicians can relax here until the studio becomes available," said Eric Tunison, Groove Tunes Studios' owner and founder. He built his recording studio 15 years ago, giving full attention to design, wiring and room dimensions. Musicians both seasoned and novice are eager to spend time blending their creative talents with Tunison's digital recording technology. The group Modern Logic, an up-and-coming '80s rock and roll band, spent hours recording several demo tracks. The band recently played at the Park Bench in Buckhead. Its next appearance is scheduled for Slapshots Sports Bar and Grill in Woodstock on March 10. Deborah Lanham spent months working with Tunison on a double CD set entitled "A Safe Way Home" that centers on children's abduction prevention.  The CD contains original children's songs and lessons. Lanham will perform "Aha," a Christian song produced by Tunison, at the Perimeter Church Women's Retreat at Callaway Gardens in early March.

About the owner:

Heavily influenced by The Beatles, Eric Tunison was happy to display one of their recordings, part of his wall-to-wall collection of record albums that represent all musical categories. Tunison was a 15-year-old high school student living with his parents in Whittier, Calif., when The Beatles first appeared upon the music scene. "I was playing rhythm guitar for a band called 'The Classics' at the time," he said. "We were a surf music group that soon transformed into a British-type surf rock band." Before the band broke up and its members became college-bound, a 17-year-old Tunison was the group's lead guitar player and sang lead vocals. He also received his introduction to musical production while "The Classics" were recording their own original music at a Los Angeles-based recording studio. "The songs were never published, but that proved to be the beginning of my recording career," Tunison said.  When Groove Tunes Studios' founder moved to Georgia because of a job offer, it was three decades later and 3,000 miles removed from his Washington state digs, where he earned an engineering degree and operated private analog recording studios. "I chose Alpharetta because there are many young, talented musicians living in north Fulton," he said.

Three years after constructing his studio within the framework of his house in Alpharetta, Tunison married his wife Kate. "She makes sure everybody knows that Groove Tunes Studios is located around back," he said. "She doesn't want clients coming through the front door."

What you can purchase:

Large amounts of studio time.


340 Rossiter Ridge, Alpharetta. 770-842-5511.


Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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