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Quiet street home to recording studio

Lifelong hobby becomes career

"...Eric Tunison's basement has ceilings taller than most vaulted ceilings in North Fulton luxury homes, but his builder didn't make a mistake. That's the home of Groove Tunes Studios, his recording studio business.

Tunison has been recording music since his parents bought him his first tape recorder while he was in high school. Until two years ago, it was a hobby in which he invested as much time and money as many professional studios.

He worked as a project manager, which took him all over the country on different contracts. When a project that kept him in Savannah most days over a two-year period ended, he looked for something to do close to home without all the travel.

That's when it occurred to him, why not finally make his lifelong hobby into a career..."

Groove Tunes has 50 5-star reviews on as of June 2018, as well as the most positive reviews of any single-location studio every year 2005-2017. Our #1 purpose is to help our client musicians sound their very best and to make sure their studio experiences are second to none.

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