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"Great Place To Record"

"I recently had the pleasure of recording at Groove Tune Studios. It was a great experience. I hadn't been in a recording studio in years. Eric Tunison, the owner and all else that goes on with recording, was absolutely tremendous. Eric's knowledge of what sounds good and what doesn't was a great help. He has access, if need be, to top quality session musicians.His equipment is top notch. The studio is very quiet and you can really concentrate on making great music. The songs I recorded came out great and I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants to make a quality recording."

Mike Pierro

"Unmatched quality and professionalism"

"I am a songwriter and while at Groove Tunes Studios, I recorded 6 songs with a Southern rock/ country style. I went from having voice recordings of my songs on my phone to now having my songs sound real and professionally done. GTS has extensive resources to help your music sound the best it can. The entire experience was life changing. I had a blast working with the GTS team and it's partners while learning all the way. A fun but focused environment. I highly recommend GTS to any musician with a little extra cash. They will take car of you and your songs. I will surely be using GTS in the future! Thanks again GTS!!!"

Project is on YouTube: Southern Sky by Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

"Best Value in Atlanta"

"Eric is as good as it gets! This was my first professional recording I've done and I cant speak highly enough of my experience at Groove Tunes. Eric took time and walked me through every step of the way and delivered a great product. He is very knowledgeable and is truly a master of his craft. With his help my project came out ahead of schedule and under the amount I was quoted. I wont lie, this studio isn't the cheapest (its fairly priced), but this studio is by FAR the best value you can get in the price range. My friends and family can't believe the quality and I am beyond satisfied with how my project came out. If you're more of a singer/songwriter or Rock 'n Roll act (this is not a rap/R&B studio) do yourself a favor and check Groove Tunes out."

Aaron Gibson
Singer/Songwriter & The Voice Contestant

"Eric is the best, hands down!"

"I went to Groove Tunes after a very disappointing experience with a Nashville studio. I had written a pretty intricate song which called for a LOT of vocals and orchestral instruments, and the studio I had hired up there really botched it. After Eric heard my story, he assured me that I had come to the right place. He said that Groove Tunes was way better than the recording studios up in Nashville (it is) and that his studio musicians were all top-shelf (they are). He also told me that not only was I welcome to attend the recording sessions, he actually WANTED me to be there (vs. Nashville didn't want me there at all). I'm a very picky person (as Eric soon found out), but luckily, he's extremely patient and we worked together very well. In short order, my song started to take shape the way I was hearing it in my head, and I was thrilled! As promised, Eric brought in some fabulous musicians; I enjoyed meeting them and it was a lot of fun to be involved in the recording process. I couldn't be happier with Groove Tunes: Eric delivered to me a very professional, mastered, and radio-ready finished product, and I heartily recommend Groove Tunes to anyone who is looking for a recording studio. Don't hesitate to give Eric a call -- you won't be sorry!"

Karen Habeggar

Groove Tunes has 51 Five-Star reviews on as of October 2018, as well as the most positive reviews of any single-location studio every year 2005-2017. Our #1 purpose is to help our client musicians sound their very best and to make sure their studio experiences are second to none.

Groove Tunes serves recording studio clients in Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Norcross, Duluth, and other cities within the greater Atlanta area. Hours by appointment only: Weekdays 10 - 9, Weekends 12 - 6.

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