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"This place is totally designed around a quality recording experience."

"This is a great studio with state of the art equipment, a terrific, relaxed and safe location in North Fulton County. Built and designed in his residence this facility has impressive equipment and abilities. I have worked with and been to other major studios, including studios in New York where I studied. This place is terrific and totally designed around a quality recording experience. In addition, to those not used to recording studios, Eric is very gracious, sets you immediately at ease and is very patient with all customers. I have recommended others to him and they have raved about his services. Consider this place first before you consider a much more expensive studio in downtown Atlanta. They have nothing on Eric or his impressive studio."

Arthur Holst
Classical Musician/Concertmaster Ludwig Symphony Orchestra

Groove Tunes has 51 Five-Star reviews on as of July 2018, as well as the most positive reviews of any single-location studio every year 2005-2017. Our #1 purpose is to help our client musicians sound their very best and to make sure their studio experiences are second to none.

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